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Thriving in the Divine of a New Season: New Books, Art Shows, & More!

By the People for the People.

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Happy National Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month! Celebrate by reading one (or all!) of these 12 poets and their collections. You can find their collections in store or online at in our curated list.

  • Here Are the Tears I You We Didn’t Cry by Vianney Harelly

  • You Will Know Our Name by Gracie Azua

  • Santa Tarantula by Jordan Pérez 

  • This is the Honey by Kwame Alexander 

  • The Moon That Turns You Back by Hala Alyan

  • The Yearning Feed by Manuel Paul Lopez

  • Bluets by Maggie Nelson

  • Survival Takes A Wild Imagination by Fariha Róisín 

  • Sage by Marilyn Chin

  • Promises of Gold by Jose Olivarez 

  • Black Queer Hoe by Britteney Black Rose Kapri

  • Selena Didn’t Know Spanish Either by Marisa Tirado 

For more poetry collections we love, check out our list here

Reading the Deck with Author Christopher Marmolejo: RED TAROT Book Launch

Basking in soft red lights and the glow of prayer candles, Libélula’s team hosted the book launch of RED TAROT: A DECOLONIAL GUIDE TO DIVINATORY LITERACY by Christopher Marmolejo. Readers and supporters of Marmolejo’s writing and practice gathered to eat vegan tamales (shoutout @setamales) and listen to readings connected to a thoughtful Q&A hosted by Jesi, co-owner of Libélula.

From the book’s description, RED TAROT is described as “a radical praxis and decolonized oracle that moves beyond self-help and divination to reclaim tarot for liberation, self-determination, and collective healing.” During the discussion, readers gained more insight into Marmolejo’s development of this praxis and their writing process: the ways they struggled to produce the text, the people and spaces they received affirmation and support, their ever-evolving research process. A large part of their praxis includes cultivating an anticolonial, antiracist, and anti-institutional perspective so that the divine and cultural work can come together. To do this, Marmolejo traced a lineage of liberation movements that shared those subversive roots, and paved the way for this type of text. Drawing from Toni Morrison, José Esteban Muñoz, bell hooks, Cherie Moraga, Gloria Anzaldua, Paulo Freire, and others, Marmolejo treats each card as an archive whose interpretations offer a new mode of literacy for those othered for their identity and perspectives. 

An important question offered by Jesi was, “Why red?” To quote Marmolejo, red is an “Indigenous marker;” it not only signifies and signals the colonial rupture that drives a wedge between Latine folks and their own indigeneity, but it aspires toward the very transgression and resistance that will repair said rupture. RED TAROT seeks to expand our understanding of literacy, and who is considered literate. More than this, Marmolejo puts forth an innovative mode that requires us to look inward so that we may connect with one another in new spiritual ways.  

RED TAROT IS OUT NOW! You can find a copy of RED TAROT in store at Libélula Books & Co., or order it through Bookshop using Libélula Books as your favorite bookstore. 

Learn more about what Christopher Marmolejo is up to on their website and sign up for their newsletter, The Red Read

Upcoming Events


Saturday, April 13th, 2024

12:00PM to 6:00PM

Join us for our next installation debut in La Tiny Art Gallery, featuring PANCA. Panca, or Paola Villaseñor is a first-generation local artist, muralist, and illustrator based in San Diego and Tijuana.

Learn more about their current and upcoming projects on their Instagram, @aypanca.


Saturday, April 13th, 2024 


Join the Barrio Art Crawl team and get to know Logan Avenue’s venues for art, music, and culture. Learn more @barrioartcrawl on Instagram.


Aztlan Libre, 2076 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA 92113

Saturday, April 13th, 2024

3:00PM to 8:00PM

Support this fundraiser art show for the Chicano Park Steering Committee! Enjoy Barrio Logan’s arte, musica, y cultura, including music from local artists DJ Kuts, Skreemn Meme, and DJ Sholove. First 50 attendees get a free sticker!





Everything in the shop is for sale (except the cats!). Find your next favorite book, zine, art piece, or fun trinket during your first stop of the San Diego Book Crawl.

Miss out on our last post? Click here for last month's scoop!

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