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Libélula and the Cultivation of Creativity

Updated: Mar 1

By the People for the People.

Keep an eye out for monthly blog posts from Libélula

Okwae A. Miller, current artist-in-residence at the Bread & Salt Gallery on Julian Avenue, and his work thrive in the intersection of performance and research. Housing his latest exhibition, a visual and choreographic display of the archival interiority of his blackness and queerness titled “rose.water//”, the Gallery’s description of Miller describes his roots in personal identity, history, and the universal human experience. The flier at the Gallery states that his work is informed by the “texture of movement, creative process and the use of collaborative efforts.” Miller’s work moves alongside much of the artistry and talent that survives and thrives in Barrio Logan. Libélula Books and Co., in particular, places an emphasis on information-sharing, interdisciplinary research-based care practices, and the cultivation of creativity in our community. Such is the focus of these monthly blog posts: the coverage of local events by the people for the people; a space for thinking about community organization, solidarity, and resistance; and, of course, the dissemination of knowledge from local literature and zines to picture books and fiction to academic publications.

Okwae Miller's untitled piece. A swing made up of light wooden board and bright orange and hot pink fabric is suspended over a pile of dark shredded wood and wilted roses, with a paper bag filled with red roses to the right.
Bread & Salt Gallery, featuring artist-in-residence Okwae A. Miller.

Hello to the Barrio Art Crawl Community Galeria

The grand opening of the Barrio Art Crawl Community Galeria was celebrated on Saturday, January 13th, with community members and avid art viewers coming in to eat, drink, and dance to curated music by local DJs Sholove, Cisco Kid, Ana Brown, DJ Kutz, and Skreemn Meme. The crowd gathered on the sidewalk of neighboring shop Sew Loca, spilling onto Logan Avenue as passers-by stopped to listen to the steady drumbeat increase in tempo. Clicking shells and beads, ruffling feathers, and clouds of palo santo and sage enveloped the audience as the dancers of Calpulli Mexihca began to welcome the new space. The grand opening began with a community blessing by Calpulli Mexihca, and a few words by Barrio Art Crawl committee members who expressed that, although previous galleries had not always made it to the present, the Barrio Art Crawl community galeria was the start of a new tradition. Walking into the small space, the work of local artists like Mary Jhun, Rob Benavides, Irie Zee of Por La Mano Press y Arte, and many others brought viewers closer to the humor, joy, grief, integrity, and vitality that characterizes Chicané art and brown experience. To engage with the work of local Chicané artists and creators, the Barrio Art Crawl Community Galeria is the space to find them.

Visit 2113 Logan Avenue to learn more, or find them on Instagram @barrioartcrawl

Upcoming Events

TOMB CITY: Artist Spotlight & Exhibition

Saturday, February 10, 2024

6:00PM to 10:00PM

Join us at TUMBA's first ever solo show in La Tiny Gallery at Libélula Books!

Grab an elote, get a tattoo, listen to DJ Krys da Cat and DJ Mint Whisper.

There will be a merch table with limited runs of prints, stickers, pins and more!

Barrio Art Crawl 2024

Saturday, February 10, 2024


Check out @barrioartcrawl for more information.

Explore and experience Barrio Logan's local artists and their work on your walk down the block.

Find exhibitions and solo shows by artists like Christian Arreguin, Ms. Magic, richard richard richards, Studio IX, MUSE, Panca, and more!

SD Poets for Palestine: Poetry Reading and Postcard Making*

February 16, 2024

6:30PM to 8:00PM

Ticketed entry: $5-30 sliding scale donation**

*Masks required!

**100% of ticket sales go towards SJP in UCSD.

Join local poets Gracia Azua (she/her) (author of You Will Know Our Name), Jenny Sandoval (they/them) (author of Nectar and Butterfly in the Spring), Gabriel Hernandez (they/them), Kris Lopez (they/them), and Vianney Harelly (she/her) (author of Here Are the Tears I You We Didn't Cry, Before I Weeped I Was Angry, and The Plants Are Burning) as they read their work in solidarity with Palestine.

San Diego Book Crawl 2024

April 27th to 29th, 2024


Stop by Libélula Books to shop and support.

Everything in the shop is for sale (except the cats!). Find your next favorite book, zine, art piece, or fun trinket during your first stop of the San Diego Book Crawl.


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