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March is National Reading Month!

It's also Women's History Month and Disability Awareness Month 😊. So join us as we celebrate our love of reading and one of our other favorite things: INCLUSIVITY. 🥳

Libélula owner, Jesi tells us why they love reading and brings us 2 more great lists of recommended reading for Women's History and Disability Awareness.

What does reading mean to you?

For the crew over at Libelula books, reading is more than just words on paper. It is literacy and is knowing a language to the degree of deciphering and pulling out meaning.

The first book I ever learned how to read in depth was James and the punchline kitchen. I remember understanding because of the words that I read on the page, James' loss. The death of his parents had impacted him so much that everything became dark. I also remember the moment James was able to recapture his imagination, he was able to believe in the impossible despite the worst thing happening to him. It was through reading those chapters, despite my own difficulties with dyslexia, that allowed me to feel celebrated and seen, despite what I felt in that moment. I knew that one day I would find my imagination and hope once again.

Reading is a pathway forward. It is a way for folks to navigate uncharted territory.

Sometimes literacy is the light that leads folks through moments of hardship, moments of feeling lost and lonely.

Reading can be a refuge point, it can be a place to be when there's nowhere else one is wanted or welcomed. Reading as a way of understanding, a way of making sense of things that are beyond the small corners of a single being. There's a way to see others and see yourself. Reading is an adjective that provides the opportunity to read & to be read by others.



Women's History Month



Disability Awareness Month


Happy Reading!

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